Back to blog!

Oh blog, there you are!  I've been looking for you for the past year and a half and couldn't find you..... that's why I didn't post anything.... it's not that I am a HORRIBLE blogger or that I totally forgot about you, I just couldn't find you... right?

I am going to attempt to be a blogger again.  Who knows how long exactly this one will last, but hey, I'm, not making any promises and I certainly am not going to sweat it if I don't keep up with the old girl!

Here's an update on our lives:

  • Billy and i got married on August 28, 2010!
  • The wedding was great, but very very very very very very wet. It was a monsoon!
  • Billy switched jobs- three times.
  • He started working full time for the Columbus Government doing IT stuff, got another job about 6 months after that working for a church in Auburn, but that only lasted about a month because 1) he got a better offer from the Muscogee County School District in Columbus and 2) while the church job was nice, it was a pretty good drive every day and he had to work Sundays- which I hated!
  • We still live in the same house that we bought before we were even engaged, but we are thinking about trying to sell this summer.  We don't really HAVE to have a bigger house, but if we can sell ours for as much as we paid for it, or even just a little big more, we could afford a home with a little more room.  
  • I very tearfully left SGS for CHS at the end of last school year.  I still REALLY miss all of my SGS friends all the time, but I genuinely like teaching a reading elective.  I am a reading remediation teacher at the high school and though it can be COMPLETELY frustrating, I think that I have genuinely helped my students become better readers! I have students who have not passed the graduation exam.  We work on objectives to make them pass, but we also work to make them better readers for all subjects!  
  • Abby the puppy is still sweet and crazy.  She makes me laugh every day. She can still sit and stay and lay down like she learned in obedience school.  She is very sweet with our friends kids and LOVES to give them kisses- even if I tell her not to!  Our friend Amy taught her how to play dead! its pretty cute. Billy taught her how to speak.  Most of the time she just whines or grumbles when he tells her to speak, so it sound like she's saying, dad, do I have to? I am convinced that she gets balls in the house through a secret tunnel or something,... I feel like evrytime I turn around, there she is with a ball! I throw it outside and turn around and she's found another one! She must have them stashed somewhere.... silly pup. 
  • Our poor cat has almost started to like us thanks to two things: 1) I got a SUPER soft and awesome blanket for Christmas and she likes to sit on it- which even outweighs her not wanting to sit even near us.  Sometimes she will even sit on my lap!! 2) I think she is scared that we will declaw her AGAIN!!! This is actually a pretty funny, but sad, story.  We took mean old Athena to get declawed because no matter what we did, she would scratch up the furniture, and when she played with the dog, she would get too rough and cut her nose.  I got a call in the middle of the work day from the vet that sounded very urgent.  I called back and the receptionist said that everything was fine! That she was doing great and that we could get her the next morning.  About 20 minutes later, though, the vet that performed her surgery called in tears! I though for sure that the receptionist had it all wrong and that the cat died or something-- well she didn't die, but the vet who did her surgery neglected to read her chart before starting the surgery.  Instead of declawing her, she tried to spay her-- only she is was already spayed!! The vet, still not reading the chart, assumed that there was something wrong with Athena and started poking around to make sure that everything else looked ok.  FINALLY, someone  looked at her chart and saw that she was supposed to be declawed!! They declawed her, the vet called me in tears, and I STILL had to pay part of the cost of the surgery!  So, poor Teeny got spayed twice! 
  • I wish I could say that was all that happened to her, but it isn't.  Billy was playing with her a few months ago when all the sudden she scratched the crap out of his arm! It took us both a second to say, hey, how did she scratch you with no front claws? Sure enough- She still had two claws on one of her front feet!  The poor thing had to go BACK to the vet to get declawed again!! When I complained about the extra surgeries, the vet who preformed the surgery this time seemed confused-- The lady who did the last surgery didn't really put what she did in her chart! He had no idea about the double spaying!!   Only our cat could have the be spayed twice and declawed twice!! Needless to say, I won't be using Smiths Station Animal Hospital again.  
  • For our one year anniversary, Billy and I went to Savannah and LOVED it! I could totally live there... its beautiful!
  • For Billy's birthday, I planned a surprise trip!! (...it ended up not being a surprise) I took him Ziplining in north GA with a bunch of his friends-- He had a really good time and knocked something off of his bucket list!!
  • For my spring break this year, we went on a 7 day cruise.  It was AMAZING.  We got to go to St. Thomas, and St. Martin, but the waves were too high to go into the Bahamas, so we didn't get to kayak with the turtles like I wanted to! :( 
  • We went snorkeling in St. Thomas and it was about the most beautiful water I have ever seen.  Everything was so clear and pretty... We got to see some cool fish, stingrays, squid, and coral!  This one really big fish (I still don't know what kind it is.. and I've looked!) followed me around for a little bit... I guess I looked interesting!! 
  • St. Marteen was fun too, but I wish we would have been able to get on a different tour.  It was long and kind of boring.  I like St. Thomas better.  We did pretend to be in the market for some jewelry, so I got to try on some very beautiful necklaces and earrings.  Billy is such BSer.... he really made these people believe that we were going to drop 20K on a pair of earrings and a necklace! so silly! 
  • I am SO ready for the next cruise.... I had an amazing time!... It was even worth working spring school and summer school to pay for it all! 
  • My BFF is getting married in September! I am SO excited for Mallory and am in the process of planning her bridal shower now... It is going to be SUPER cute!
  • I have a few more trips coming up in the next couple of months that I am excited for! We are going to the beach in May for a few days with some friends, in June I will be going with Melissa and Suzy to NYC for about a week, in July I think I am going to Chicago with Mallory for a shower there, and then in September I think we are going back to the beach for a few days and Mallory is getting married in Chattanooga! Whew! 

I guess that is all I can think of for now! more later.... maybe! :)